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Apartment Project // Living

Apartment Project // Living

Turuianu valentin
April 5, 2017
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Located between reality and utopia, the space is a result of sketches that highlight the extrovert side of the future owners. Being a small apartment, the attention goes to areas that bring the greatest contribution in everyday life, in this case, the dining area and balcony. These functions vertically connect the two floors of the apartment, not only by physical elements as stairs but also by excessive height that helps the perception of the entire space.

The project is an exercise based on previous experiences. The result aims to be everything that I could do so far with the limitations anchored in reality. I wanted a clean space, minimalist but warm that does not hide anything. Materials were chosen so that each element can be highlighted, particularly the stairs that connects the living room to the bedroom.

It starts with a pencil but ends in 3ds max. The building of which the apartment belongs is made in Archicad and the space is rendered in Corona. I think Corona solved a key issue for creative people: fast implementation of ideas. For the postproduction I used Photoshop and Lightroom that helped to correct and balance the desired atmosphere.

The creative act can handle both appreciation and criticism but in the end it is you who decide if the direction is right or wrong. So far opinions were positive with some arguments that I will consider in the future. The project is not over so critical section is still open.

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turuianu valentin

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