Atomic Burgers Branding

Atomic Burgers is a 60’s themed food truck specialized on gourmet burgers and a variety of unusual but tasty selections to pick on. The food truck concept is retro-themed with radioactivity and an apocalyptic vibe, portraying a nuclear fallout alongside infusing those elements into the menu items.

The idea came through researching various 60’s themed dinners of the old age and looking at different
portrayals of a nuclear fallout where the textures, colors and style was derived from. The color acid green was
used as the brands main color to give of a radioactive vibe this color is also used in the menu items for example
green burger buns and a green soft served ice cream to create a unique buzz alongside tying the brand image and the
brands menu together.

The project started with a sketch while listening to songs from the 60’s to create a mood and a vibe that would
be given out by the food truck. The logo’s hand lettered nature of drawn before searching for a suitable typeface
alongside icons of burgers, fries, shakes were created to later be incorporated on the menu and as a green neon display.

The response was met with great expectation as people loved the concept and the way the brand and the unique menu items tied
together. I learnt that it is vital to create a visual story with the brand identity that would instantly be understood by the viewer once

Elias Madan

Graphic designer and artist with a self-branded style, known for my geometric use of shapes called triangulation. Founder of triangulation store an art and apparel business where I sell my originals on apparel and various products. My main aim is to spread my geometric madness internationally and locally and inspire people to find and brand their own unique style.