Baked by the Heat – Kharkiv, Ukraine

Оur recently built Baked by the Heat house is probably the most introverted project in our experience. All major indoor functions have outdoor extensions, which are visually impenetrable for the neighbours, yet create a variety of spatial situations. The withdrawn and introverted character of the house is determined by its surrounding, which is a rather chaotic and mixed-scale development made up of houses with an average height of 2-3 stories.

The house integrates with the natural topography, with its three terraces descending the landscape, being united by the horizontal line of the roof. The sloping terrain causes the gradual increase of the volume, unfolding the entire narrative of the house. Starting from the entrance and low minor premises on the street level, the scale grows bigger in bedrooms and reaches its apex in the spacious living room. the central hall is the core axis that unites all the indoor premises. the overhead opening invites daylight into the house.

One pf the key features of the house are open “summer rooms” that serve as extensions of indoor living premises, creating seamless united spaces, visually impenetrable for the neighbors. The summer extension of the living room includes a swimming pool, a lounge, a barbecue place and a sunbathing zone. The levitating wall ensures privacy, focuses the view over certain landscape details and expands the borders of the living space. The border area between the living room and the terrace is the main attractor for all the dwellers of the house. In warm seasons this borderline is blurred out. In order to make this space as comfortable as possible, permanent blinds are installed, which control unfavorable western sunrays and maintain visual connection with the garden.

As it is a family house surrounded amids dense low-rise residential neighbourhood, our task was to make this house as inconspicuous as possible. Artificial hills along the boundaries protect the house from prying eyes and enhance the natural landscape. Besides, the house is very well adapted to hot summers which have recenly become quite a usual thing in Ukraine.

“Drozdov&Partners” was founded in 1997. Over twenty years of our work experience, we have designed around 200 projects, many of which have been built. Some of them, regardless of their scale, have become important milestones in our practice. These are Yaske sushi-bar, Platinum Plaza office centre, Ave Plaza commerical centre, Heirloom and Carat apartment houses in Kharkiv, and a number of family houses in various cities of Ukraine.
A lot of new and important ideas accumulated over the years of our professional practice have found their concentrated implementation in the recently built family houses (Ark, House with a Peristyle, Baked by the Heat and Markhouse). These projects explore a new kind of lifestyle, new relationships within the family and new perception of landscape and materials. An increasing number of projects with public function, in Ukraine as well, have been appearing in our portfolio lately, which is something we have longed for.
Most projects have been designed for Ukrainian cities (Kharkiv, Kyiv and Odessa). However, the geography has been expanding significantly over the last years. A number of projects are now being done for Spain, Russia, Austria and France. Some of the most remarkable events in recent years have been the first prize in the design competition in South Korea, the project of a cultural centre in Lviv, and the construction of Teatr na Podole in Kyiv.
Besides design activity, “Drozdov & Partners” constantly initiates and takes part in various public and educational projects.