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Birds and Animal Logos by Ivan Bobrov

Birds and Animal Logos by Ivan Bobrov

Stephen Malapote
April 11, 2015
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Like to keep your designs simple and elegant? Design minimalism is one of the most influential styles in design especially in branding. More and more designers have adapted the style and use it to create works that strip off visual clutter but not lose its purpose and identity. Today we present to you the brilliant logos of Ivan Bobrov which he created over the years. Read on!

All of these logos was created for the different clients around the world. I love animals and birds, also colors. So, this is enough for my inspiration. Nothing special in process. Just hard work with lines and games (not work) with colors.

- Ivan Bobrov


About Ivan Bobrov

Ivan is an independent graphic designer and illustrator from Barnaul, Russia and has been featured in LogoLounge Book 9. You can find more of his works in his Behance.

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