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JAM - Brand Design

JAM - Brand Design

Patrick Nguyen
June 19, 2018
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JAM - Janitorial and Maintenance (JAM) Cleaning Professional provides office and residential cleaning services. The stylizations of their previous logo are no longer consistent with the trend that is a minimalist and sophisticated as the present. So that, they need a new version that still inherits the strengths of the previous logo: the unique, distinctive. And an improvement to catch the modern trend: simple, elegant and professional.

To convey the brand’s vision, we designed a series of simple and distinctive. To ensure those aesthetics and trendy.
For the logo, it was after experimenting with the ideas of "JAM" and ‘cleaning’ and "professional" to which I eventually ended up with a monogram that combined both the concepts.

Colors also help a lot in conveying messages. As a "red", it shows effective, productive, and distinctive of the brand. The "black" represents the seriousness, professionalism, and exclusivity of the brand.

My strategy of coming up with ideas usually begins with some research, sketching and brainstorming ideas on paper. I noted down and sketched/doodled motifs, symbols, shapes and anything which related to cleaning and JAM. Once I had at least 5 solid ideas which had the potential to be logos, I then moved onto Adobe Illustrator to begin turning my sketches into vector designs.

During this process, I continued refining and experimenting with the two concepts, and gaining feedback from the client until we reached a finalized draft we were happy with.

While this was not a major branding project, the skills I was able to utilize and execute with this opportunity allowed for me to refine my skills, since I am still a new digital designer.

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