Bohomi is a consultancy since 2010. Headquartered in Dublin, the firm leverages in-depth local expertise, global network, and independence to provide best-in-class advice and top-level results to clients exposed to financial, operational and strategic challenges. Bohomi serves mid-market companies and leading regional airlines (clients include brands such as Aer Lingus Regional), and focuses on delivering independent consulting to financial institutions and investors. Our dynamic and entrepreneurial environment provide clients with a hands-on support and the broadest set of opportunities in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring and turnaround management, valuation, and capital structure.

The idea for this branding started with a letter “B” as a puzzle. When I had explored my idea further I found out that actually I was looking for a key for this whole time, and it was much better representation to what me & my client was looking for. The whole concept started to look immediately more clearer to a random viewer, even though the key has a sophisticated look. I decided to give it a gold / elegant feel, which can also be represented through a strong & fresh yellow color to have also that modern vibe to it.

A couple of sketches, then a lot of refining during the vectorizing process in Adobe Illustrator. My artboard is always a some kind of a maze. I always start from the middle of it and then I go through a lot of iterations of the same idea until I found one or two that satisfies me in that one concept.

I hope they liked it. *laugh*
It’s like you always learn something new from every project you do. From this particular one I have learned that sometimes you’re exploring the wrong idea too much, but when you do that you are not able to stop it quicker, because you’ve already put too much effort to it. It sort of took me 500% more time to explore first idea that was going to nowhere, than explore and finalize the second concept which was chosen in the end. Although would I come up with the second idea, if I haven’t put that effort into the first one? Probably not.

Milosz Klimek

I was born on November 24, 1987. I’m a multidisciplinary designer w/ primary focus on creating logo, corporate identity, web design & digital advertising.