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BOTANICA: Lunchroom

BOTANICA: Lunchroom

Jenn Liv
June 8, 2016
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This piece was part of Light Grey Art Lab Gallery's BOTANICA Show; a nature-inspired group exhibition celebrating the diversity of floral life on our planet Earth. I chose to do an experimental digital painting study of the studio space Jenn Liv, a part of called Lunchroom Toronto. Lunchroom is a small collective where we gather together to eat family-style meals and work in a shared studio space.

This piece was created entirely in Photoshop CC. I use Kyle T Webster brushes to render all of my illustrations. My process involved spending a day at the studio to draw the space observationally, with my fellow studio members Pam Lau ( and Justine Wong ( present in the piece. And of course Lunchroom's resident feline- Russell the Kitty.

I think it was received very well! I think people are constantly trying to find ways to transform their workspaces into places that feel less like a workspace. I learned a lot about capturing the mood and atmosphere of a space in visual form while also gaining a greater appreciation for the power of plants over the human mind.

About Jenn Liv

My name is Jenn Liv and I am a freelance illustrator based in Toronto. I have created editorial illustrations for clients such as PLANSPONSOR, Nautilus, Autodesk, The Walrus, Quill & Quire, and My work has recently been recognized by Society of Illustrators 58. Occasionally I like to create comics and print things in risograph.

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