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Logitech Concept (Touch Scroll) Mouse

Logitech Concept (Touch Scroll) Mouse

August 3, 2018

This is a concept design i did for showcasing on my portfolio. I had an idea of having the scroll wheel (middle button) completely being flat rectangular and touch capacitive but also having the press and hold feature. With all that combined with the inspirations from the works of various award winning designers from Logitech, this came.

Just when i was casually doing some wheel rim designs using Autodesk Alias, i was feeling soo numb around my wrist due to the fatigue of using the everyday mouse.
Then i thought, why not design a mouse with a small mouse pad which also acts like a hand rest and look kinda fun like the Indian slippers.
That's how it started.

The CAD model was done completely inside Catia V5 program, and then the model was exported to Keyshot 7 for making some photo realistic renders. Then i added the carbon fiber material texture on top of the mouse to give it some depth for the bumps to catch lights.
The logo of Logitech was downloaded and edited using Photoshop and inserted over the design using Label texture in Keyshot 7.

I hold a huge passion for designing Consumer Electronics and that's how i started doing this mouse design.
No matter whatever design works i do, I am always keen on making it look as photo realistic as possible.
Having done animation showreels and many other design works as well, for some unique reasons i get good appreciations for this particular work. Hope you got something from this!


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  1. Masha Allah. Awesome work my dear buddy. May Allah bless you with more talents and also fullfill you needs. All the best for you future endeavors.

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