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Botanical Garden project

Botanical Garden project

Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev
April 5, 2022
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A project for a young energetic girl, a champion in ballroom dancing, she is also a dance teacher. The area is 40 square meters. Wooden slopes, a bar counter, a wall in the bedroom, doors, walls in the hallway - all these elements create the atmosphere of not an ordinary living space, but an art object that conveys its mood, comfort, warmth. With all the abundance of decorating techniques, we managed to preserve the ergonomics in the project. Bright accents - the picture in the loggia, the inscription on the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom will impress the guests of the apartment. For us, as designers, this project is special for its execution in the form in which it was originally designed.

When developing the project, I proceeded from the preferences of the customers, and the parameters of the prostants also played a role.

The work was done thanks to the close-knit team and the tools used. Before implementing the project, we created a visualization in 3D Max. In the creation of the project, the wishes of the customers, their personal preferences and character, including pets, were taken into account.

The project caused delight among people who saw it.

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Photographer Konstantin Malyuta.
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Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev

Leading designers, 10 years in work. Over the years, they have formed their vision of mixes in modern styles - these are elements of brutality, the use in their work of various natural materials - concrete, brick, wood, stone. Among the same and identical interiors, we create bold spaces without censorship and at the same time for life. One of our humble tasks is to make the world more beautiful. An individual approach to each project for us is not just words, but the norm. We work with almost any budget and do it cool. This is evidenced by our implemented projects and additions with various awards, as well as publications of not only Russian, but also international publications. We are engaged in the implementation of our ideas and complete project management.

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