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Brand Lepore

Brand Lepore

Augusto Cortegoso
August 2, 2018
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elegance, originality, and commitment
Three adjectives, in which we agreed with my client, were the best to define the identity of your brand. Lepore is a new organization of events organization and image processing based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Focused on creating a pleasant environment for its clients in the spaces where the activity takes place and its presence in it, aimed at people who seek to stand out with their own personality in their events, both business and personal, adding a touch of personal aesthetics.

I started creating a concept based in the idea of the organization and elegance, thinking in the objective public, I chose desaturated colors and a minimalist use of line and point for the patterns and the chromatic palette.
Taking like reference the art nouveau and deco I created the logo based in the morphology and terminations of its calligraphy.

First I started making sketching in a simple paper, with the references at the view, it is the best form to sketch a big quantity of ideas in a short time.
Then I choose two or three that I believe its conceptualize better the concept to start to digitalis them. for a logo, I always use illustrator already it work with vector and it is better to the moment that i will need trespass the logo to other formats.

Luckily, it had a good reception with the client the first time and had well acceptation in the social media.
It was a good form to pin up concepts and knowledge in the brand creation and the importance of make a good job of investigation before start the work.

The most important thing when you start with the creation of a new brand or any type of design, before starting with any kind of graphic conceptualization, is to create a concept that is the basis of your future decisions.

Augusto Cortegoso

Hola, soy Augusto Cortegoso, estudiante de diseño gráfico en la FADU U.B.A.
cursando el segundo año de la carrera, desde muy chico siempre me fascino dibujar lo que me llevo a conocer la ilustración y mas tarde el mundo del diseño

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