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Casa Mar

Casa Mar

Nuno Moreira
March 11, 2019
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The view from my casa (home) by the mar (sea). I live in the north coast of Portugal.
Here you can see a red bench, the original name is namoradeira, which is where couples can watch the sunset and the sea. Namoradeira because it is a place to namorar (hang out) with your lover.

This is a work by the architect João Gomes and it is made of wood remind the old houses by the beach and also the big influence of cooperage in our hometown Esmoriz. I often photograph these elements because I love this particular fishing community and also respect the hardwork of the old fishermen. The namoradeira is also a beautiful tribute to them.

I used the camera Fujifilm XT-2 and a 18-55mm lens to shoot these photos, Adobe Lightroom to correct the WB and Adobe Photoshop to sharp and resize for web. The first photo is from my home window, then I walked to the beach and continue to photograph these beachy elements. The final is almost storm about to happen so it is time to get back inside.

It is a small project I will continue to explore. People also like it because it means a lot to them, this place is their life and lifeguard at the same time. One thing is for sure, I will keep paying tribute to this community as I am a big admirer. I usually spend few minutes contemplating the sea when I need to relax.

Nuno Moreira

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