Centre Cívic de Porqueres

This is the new Brand guidelines for a civic center called Centre Cívic de Porqueres (Porqueres Community Center), a dynamic space where all kinds of activities aimed at a diverse audience are carried out. In its 20 year-history, it has become a very popular facility and a culture landmark in town. The challenge was to create an image in which users could feel represented.

With the objective of providing its users with a unique element that may feel as their own and thus promoting group feeling, we have designed La Cívica, a stencil font type in upper case. Stencil, rounded and cool! A typeface that behaves properly. La Cívica has become the cornerstone of the new identity; it is used basically in headlines and it is combined with a serif typeface for the rest of the texts.

A stencil typography allows users to easily craft with it. Also it had to be a friendly typography, that’s why it’s rounded. The color was already used by the center, but it was adjusted to make it more attractive and was given more prominence, being the only color used. All elements have been printed on recycled offset papers.

The first step was to design the typography and turn it into a useful font. We had clear as it had to be the typography: stencil, rounded and high box only. Then we create the logo, design the stationery and signage.

Finally, design and layout the annual magazine with all the courses offered by the center. The magazine has been printed on recycled offset paper of 70 grams.

The response has been very good. The users feel represented, and this year they have increased the inscriptions. We have learned that everything comes out better when the client is involved, motivated and allowed to counsel. What at first had to be a small project has become an integral redesign of the graphic image.


We’re Enserio, graphic designers; we like to move by bike and we love the ideas represented with simplicity. We’re serious but creative, transgressive and perfectionists, we say things in another way and we want our projects to transmit the most with the less. We are fans of the manual process and limited editions. We like to work in group, to organize workshops and play ping-pong. We’re Enserio and we’re from Banyoles.