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Characters Design

Characters Design

Renan Luna
March 10, 2022
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I've selected a few characters that I have created for myself or a client. Here it shows a little bit of the mood I want to reach while drawing them. Most reactions I receive from it is how cute they are sometimes, but for me this styles is also about fun. I like to enjoy the process to make sure the audience will enjoy them.

Each character comes with an adventure. I usually try to understand the environment they are, so as I can create their colors, textures or gadgets. I love how the color can make a big impact on the final result, but I always struggle with each color decision I make.

All my drawings begins with simple shapes on paper. I look for the composition and balance until I think it will work. Then I draw more details and add more elements. I never color it if I think the drawing isn't good. Color never fix a bad drawing. Once the drawing is working, I start painting. I use a Wacom tablet and do all the painting on Photoshop.

Every drawing takes me to a different place. I love every time I finish an illustration. It always feels like an adventure, and of course I learn about with them. I see the mistakes and try to avoid it on future work. Learning in this career is a life time path.

In this moment we have a lot of problems in our planet. Use art to heal (you and the planet)! Share art, do art, live with art. Life without it is just sad. Thanks a lot.

Renan Luna

I am a Brazilian artist who loves nature and creative process. My goal is making things different though art, creating inspiring and fun design and illustrations. I love what I do and I do with love.

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