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Cities serie

Cities serie

Fernando Fombuena
June 12, 2016
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It is a personal project. I love the architecture and modular forms. I have had the opportunity to travel and it is for that reason that I always wanted to create my own city. I think that the most important references for me are 'Relajaelcoco', a creative studio based in Madrid and Studio Muti based in South Africa. I have always loved the simple elements and right now I am working on finding my own style.

It is a challenge to represent this modular style and I need to create clear and powerful visuals.

I am passionate about building since childhood. I always drew buildings on trips, at home and at school. I have always been fascinated by geometric shapes and I am constantly playing with them on my computer or my notebooks.

You probably had seen similar figures, but I want to present a fresh idea: buildings in the city on my mind. I am very demanding of myself and I check my work again and again until I am satisfied with the result. I decided to use two colors: blue because it represents the color of the sky and red for being the color of the earth.

This work is done with Adobe Illustrator. I have many sketches on sheets and notebooks. I sometimes scan designs and other I work directly with the software. It is something like: trial and error, until I am happy with the work I have done.

It is important to have references but in this case the final work is the result of work I have been doing for many years. I am creating a modular style myself. In my opinion, illustrator is a tool, which I could play everyday. The most important thing for me is to have fun while working.

Everybody says my project is very good. I am delighted to present my modules at I am working for my portfolio everyday. I am learning, thinking and preparing new projects. As soon as possible, I will sell some prints. If you are interested, you can follow me on Instagram: @fernandofom :)

Fernando Fom

My name is Fernando Fom, I am graphic designer and illustrator based in Madrid. I worked some years in ad agencies as art director. I am working on two styles, 'grosso': handmade artworks with markers and modular compositions. I created MODUL Fanzine two years ago. I present to you some of my modular illustrations, where I also invite a collaborator in each fanzine. I want to focus my career as an illustrator editorial.

I like to experiment with different design disciplines, I am up to date on new techniques and I have some creative referents. I think it is important to have references and be up to date on any topic because anything can inspire you to create.

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