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Clever Wordmark Project by Duminda Perera

Clever Wordmark Project by Duminda Perera

Duminda perera
December 9, 2016
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Dumma Branding is the design house of Duminda Perera. Duminda is currently involved in an ongoing logo project for design every day one Original, Clever, Wordmark/Verbicons or Negative logo. What makes logo look clever? It’s the hidden thought, deeper meaning behind the logo design. You need to be cautious not to overdo it though – just one accent, smart idea will be enough to make a cool clever logo design.

its a fun project, during the work when I have free time, did come up with this idea, i need my mind always searching for creative ideas the Clever logos has been done many designers but I was thinking there is always room for new ideas and i try my best to been original and clever ?

Adobe Illustrator, pen and paper, Drawing the logo on the computer is only a small component of the process; research and preparation often takes the majority of the time. Despite the simplicity and small size of the final product, designing a logo can be a surprisingly complex process. I will break down the 3 steps in the process. 1. research 2. drawing on paper, 3 design on Illustrator

the project got featured in Behance graphic design category many comments and likes for the project, also on Dribbble I'am getting many feedbacks and likes Almost 20k peoples has visited to my project in 1st week, and 3k new follows on Instagram

duminda perera

A Sri Lankan who lives and work as Creative Director in Milan Italy. I have a traditional graphic design background with over 16 years of experience in industry. My primary and secondary education was completed at Carey College Colombo.after that a diploma in DTP, and MSc - IT at Keele University UK. However, during my first stint in the industry, I was more or less hurled in to the big, wide world of Web. Working with various web development companies, I've collaborated on numerous client projects ranging from little brochure-ware sites to mega-budget labyrinths. Read Less

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