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Costco Canada - Fresh Foods

Costco Canada - Fresh Foods

Christian Lalonde
November 14, 2016
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Costco Canada, for their annual catalogue as well as their magazine, asked us to produce double page spreads as well a single page showcasing the various fresh food items available in stores. This was the results... We decided to push the lifestyle and natural home environment for this years images and played with the words, quality, quantity & playful as our inspiration.

After discussing with the client and my team of food and prop stylist, a warm, welcoming and healthy/fresh feel was decided upon, it had to feel homy and appealing... which can be tricky with raw food items. I'm a big fan of real looking food settings and bringing a bit messiness to the shots is part of that.

The images were created in studio using a Nikon D810 & Hasselbad lenses, Dynalite Strobe lights & CaptureOne software and Photohop to finalize the processing. We used various 4'x8' backgrounds to lay the food on and then style the setting to create the story we wanted to tell for each. In total a dozen shots were created over a 4 day period.

So far it has been incredible!! The client said this was some of the best work we have done for them in the last 12 years!! that means a lot!! On social media and our portfolio, the project has been view several thousand times since putting it up in early oct.

The best is yet to come!!

Christian Lalonde

Since 1997, Christian Lalonde has worked as a commercial photographer with Photolux Studio, working in the world of Photography for many local, national and international clients, in both the private and public sector. Prior to working with Photolux, Christian was a photographer at one of Canada’s largest commercial studios, located in Montreal, and was a teacher of photography at La Cité collégiale.
As a principal photographer at Photolux Commercial Studio, at age 41, Christian Lalonde has made his mark in the industry. His work demonstrates a remarkable versatility as a commercial photographer and photo illustrator.
Christian completed his photography studies in 1996 from La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since joining Photolux in 1997, he has secured clients such as: Bank of Canada, Ontario Tourism, Costco Wholesale, Crown Plaza Hotels, Estée Lauder, IBM, Le Cordon Bleu, Loblaws, Maple Leaf, Agriculture & Agri-food Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, National Art Centre, Nygard, Readers Digest, Sony, Trump and Yves St. Laurent, just to name a few.
One of his most prestigious projects can be seen on the $5 and $100 dollar bills that have been in circulation since 2001 in Canadian currency.
As part of his impressive repertoire Christian was named “Canadian Commercial Photographer of the Year” in 2001 and 2002 by the Professional Photographer of Canada (PPOC). He has been highlighted in several international trade magazines and publications. Recognized for his experience in lighting as well as his high standards in photography, Christian has been speaking for the last 9 years at WPPI, one of the worlds largest photographer conventions and trade shows, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. His work is also feature by MOAB Papers as well as LiteShapers (XP Photo Gear) on a regular basis.

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