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Creating Phone Backgrounds

Creating Phone Backgrounds

Georgiana Voiculescu
January 14, 2018

I've been a fan of Shanga's Walli app for a couple of years. A few months ago I noticed that you can become a Walli artist, so I applied with some photos and hand-drawn illustrations, that I was already using as backgrounds on my PC and phone.
To my surprise, they loved my illustrations and accepted me to be a part of their community.

The idea came from a pomegranate background I saw on one of my friend's phone. I just became mesmerized with it. It was so simple, yet structured, and the colors were bold but elegant. I found the creator, Olga Ublinskikh, and I was inspired.
I then realized that this is something I can do. The illustrations are created using the doodles I've been drawing for my Printable Planner, as this style is quite popular among the Bullet Journaling comunity, and it is one of my favorites. It's simple, it's playful, and it has that minimalist vibe I love.
The challenge here was to find my own style, improve my drawing skills, and express myself through what I create.
For some of these wallpapers I wanted the feel of seamless texture in soft pastel colors or elegant contrast. Some I wanted to be simple and to have one main element. I'm still playing around with my style.

It all starts with my trustworthy Faber-Castell & Tombow Fudenosuke pens and some paper.
I've been drawing doodles for a year now, playing around with lettering, basically just to create a library for myself to use in future projects, but also to find my style. I'm in love with leaves and cacti, and I try to find my inspiration in nature. I gather leaves on my way to work or when I'm walking the dog, and use them for my doodles later.
After I draw the doodles, I scan them, and vectorize them in Illustrator. After that I select one main element and try to work around it, as I want to keep the illustration simple.
The most important part is selecting the color palete. For me it's either pastels, or contrast.
Next is putting the art together and adding details.

The response I got for this project was amazing for someone like me that is just getting started. I've been getting messages on Instagram and more followers. But the best part is the number of likes I got on Walli, for which those illustrations were created.

If you want to keep up with my work, follow me on Instagram @voiculescuaeeageorgiana, and visit my Behance page @bgeorgiana.
I would love to get some feedback from you guys, so I can improve it.

Georgiana Voiculescu

I'm Georgiana, a 22 years old Advertising graduate based in Romania.
During Collage I focused on the art direction and graphic design area of Advertising, and I can now call myself a Freelancer.
Shortly after getting my Bachelor's Degree I launched my Hand-Drawn Printable Planner - The You Do You Planner, and soon after I became a Shanga artist.
I've been dipping my toe into a lot of art areas, and now I'm finally settling down,so I am really grateful for the wonderful people that have been supporting me through my journey.

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    1. Hey Mia! You can find my wallpapers for free on Walli app. It's available on both iOS and Android.

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