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Deise Herbella

Deise Herbella

Paula Herbella
September 27, 2018
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The project Deise Herbella Artesanatos shows people how many beautiful things can be created and renewed with simple objects, using your creativity to create beauty from the simplest things, the same way as a small seed can grow up into a beautiful flower.

To inspire me I used the artisan's studio. In this place, I looked for work materials, patterns of elements and colors. And I made a point of participating in each step of the arts that were being made by her.

First, I scribbled on a paper and opened the Adobe Illustrator for vectorizing them. After, I chose the ones I liked the most and then I tried some fusions of the drawings. For the color palette, I used Adobe Color. It was how I got the final symbol.

This project had an special attention because I made it to my mother, and she was starting her own business. It was fun to treat her as a client and to teach her a little better about my job and her job. She was very happy with the final result.

Paula Herbella

I'm Paula Herbella, I'm 23 years old.
I'm graduated in advertising. I work as a Graphic Designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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