Diadora: Bright Delivery by Adam Romano

Diadora: Bright Delivery is 1500 km relay run across Europe to deliver a pair of shoes. The user could track the racers’ journeys and relive the run in all its statistical glory through an interactive site and cinematic short.

The initial concept was brainstormed internally at Mediamonks. It was my job to flesh out the initial ideas into a working interactive experience. We released the site in three different phases. The first was essentially a sign up form for potential runners, the second was a “live run” experience that allowed users to track and follow the current runners in real time. The third and current phase is the documentation of all the runner’s journeys. The user can interact with multimedia positioned along a timeline of the event learning more about each runners’ inspiration and motivation for joining the race.

– Adam Romano

We have a fantastic team of unbelievably talented creatives at MediaMonks. Bright Delivery was the marriage of a small group of creatives, developers, photographers, videographers, and animators all working together with a common purpose of creating a stellar interactive experience.

There was a ton of brainstorming involved during the process so I spent a lot of time just using a pen and paper. Once we came up with some interesting concepts, I worked mostly in photoshop evolving the original pitch idea into something tangible, functional, and beautiful. We went through about five different versions of the site over a period of three months before we arrived at current design.

– Adam Romano

So far the response has been stellar. We’ve started to receive some great recognition in the form of FWA’s and other industry awards, so that’s always nice.

I think this project reinforced my belief that the more time you put in, the better the results will be. Nothing comes quickly, even if the deadline is insanely tight. So allowing yourself the time to explore and have fun for a bit goes a long way, even if it eats into time budgeted elsewhere. It will be worth it in the end.

– Adam Romano

About Adam Romano

I’m an Amsterdam based multi-disciplinary creative who’s worked with some of the best brands and design studios in the world. My passion is interaction design, although my formal training is in printed media. Although I’m a futurist at heart, I have a love affair with traditional swiss design thinking that is present in most of my work.

Over my career I’ve been lucky enough to collect a handful of Webbys, FWAs, Awwwards, as well as to have my work has been featured in publications like Communication Arts, Applied Arts, & .NET magazine.