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Drip Drop Energy Conservation for Kids

Drip Drop Energy Conservation for Kids

Yolanda Law
January 26, 2020

An energy conservation tool to be incorporated into the primary education schooling system to raise awareness on climate change and encourage good habits early. Drip Drop is a learning device that children can use to monitor their water energy usage through activities such as showering, teeth brushing and handwashing. Interactive lights and touch display creates engagment for users.

Inspiration for the design comes from the water droplet shape, friendly childhood cartoon characters and infamous digital toys including the tamagotchi and furby. I want to give the learning device some personality for engagement and friendliness. The choice of a baby blue and white aesthetic fits most bathroom designs and evokes the sense of water. Use of silicon allows for easy cleaning and sanitation for damp environments.

Very much a design process with preliminary research then idea generation sketches and prototypes, before deciding on a design and moving on to a final 3D CAD model and renderings. I created the prototypes with modelling foam, aluminium foil, masking tape and paint/markers. The 3D model is created and rended with Solidworks.

It's a cute project to work on. I learnt alot about electronic design and components. It is one of my first designs aimed at children and I do think it is quite friendly looking and engaging for children. As we approach a more technologically savvy future, I do hope that more toys can be fun and educational with a focus on also the sustainability of our future. I plan to 3D print this design in the future and finish it into a fully furnished prototype.

Feel Free to contact me for more info.

Yolanda Law

Industrial Design Student at UNSW
Based in Sydney, Australia

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