Egg – Product Landing Page Design by Rohan Rahian

Egg is Rohan’s first product design.  This concept he build for fun. It’s a totally fun project. There is a product design based on potato in Dribbble, Which inspire him a lot.
Though its a fun project but he try to maintain more focus on UX . This design concept is little bit different from typical product design.

I was thinking to make an product design. I love egg and what I find visiting different platform is that there is not much design done on egg product
so I came up with this idea and made this design for egg

– Rohan Rahian

I have gone trough my usual process. First I scratch on paper and build the idea from my mind. Then I search for inspiration on different platform. I try to perfect my idea before making it to Photoshop. I use Photoshop to make the design as I am comfortable most in Photoshop. after finishing initial design I give to my friends and other designers to view how it is and ask them for suggestion. I was very happy that they like it and also give me a few suggestion. I fix the issue and the design is completed.

– Rohan Rahian

At first I thought,people wont like it.But when i submit my design in Dribbble and Behance it became boom.Especially in Behance I got too much appreciation and peoples comments. Before my egg design,in Behance I hadn’t much appreciation & followers. Same also in Dribbble .

– Rohan Rahian

About Rohan Rahian

Rohan Rahian is freelance designer from Bangladesh. He is so passionate about UI / UX , Web & app design. You can find more of his works on his Behance, Dribbble & . Available for freelance work.