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Espana Especias - The edible book of herbs and spices

Espana Especias - The edible book of herbs and spices

Chirag Shah
November 12, 2018
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The edible book of herbs and spices is a book that gives you an authentic Spanish culinary experience. This book lets you tear its edible pages and use it for cooking. Get inspired by Spanish local dishes and create your own magic. A notebook/journal for you to write down your wonderful experiences with food and travel!

There are a total of 18 edible pages inside with different spice and herb flavours for you to use while preparing home cooked food. You can use these pages in a number of ways (hints given inside), like seasoning, dressing, food plating, directly put in dishes while cooking. Apart from the edible pages, there are local Spanish recipes that are illustrated and you can learn to cook these beautiful aromatic dishes. Feel free to experiment and create your own magic!

This editorial was a result of the inspiration I got when I visited one of the biggest food markets in Barcelona, as a part of our course - Food design. The different spices available there were really good but were parcelled or packaged in big boxes and it was difficult for tourists to take back home. Looking at this I thought why not create an interactive and personalised souvenir that people could easily carry back home or travel further and also educate them about Spanish food culture.
The colours used are derived from the spices itself but more towards pastel tints and shades. For the illustration style I chose to work on stippling, because it represented the powdered form of the spices.

I used mixed media for most of the part. Initially I hand drew everything, right from the typography to the illustrations and then digitalised them using a wacom and adobe Photoshop. I used Indesign to compile it into a book format.

The project was quite fascinating and my colleagues were very interested and happy to see the prototype. The professor was happy to see me work and explore different techniques. People loved the idea of having edible pages so that they could use it in their food. Most of all everyone loved that it was so personalised and light to carry it with them anywhere they went. Everyone involved helped me make this project into a success.

Chirag Shah

I am a Visual Communication Designer from Pune, India. Constantly learning and looking out for great opportunities to broaden my design knowledge. Research and process driven problem solving are my key strengths.
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