Every Line of Your Design Is a Work of Art

This project has been created to help small companies. Author suggests a complex solution of a problem “Business Foundation” for people who have just started their own project. Solution includes a creation of basic branding elements for a hypothetical company and a web platform, that will represent their work and provide comfort connection with them.

I’ve come up with an idea through observation lots of young entrepreneurs and their problems. In the project had been made a lot of technical and design decisions based on observations of latest trends and shortest and finest ways to bring them to live.

A lot of html editors, picture editors, browsers for testing etc. I’ve pictured it in my brain. Then drew it on a paper. Each of pages, the imagined transitions, all of them. Then, I’ve created algorithms required and put the whole work to the editor. There’s no reason to describe it here, because it’s more kind of an artistic work, so what matters are colors, fonts, the whole feeling of the web site I’ve reached.

I’ve put them out to a lot of forums, people liked the project. There was some critics from developer specialists, as expected, about code quality etc, but it’s going to the past this days. WYSIWYG editors now provide clean code, that runs fast on modern powerful machines. I’ve also changed redundant elements, which might make page slower, and developed my parts of code.

I think, our time and technology have kinda buried old web design and brought us to new field and new opportunities. So the goals- aesthetic qualities, design role and purposes, innovations, fast and responsible web code – were achieved in my project.