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Evian for home

Evian for home

Kush Dave
July 2, 2018
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An innovative way of packaging Evian water made for people of Paris to consume it at home, which would replace the 6 pack of 1 litre bottles that are used right now. This idea was developed on a very simple thought- Bottles were designed as a portable solution to consume water on the go. Why should we design a bottle for consumption at a static location like home?

The project is a solution to the brief given by Evian in 2017.
Make proposals for Evian prestige bottles considering the following 3 determinants -
• Identity packaging
• A container that meets ergonomic expectations and consumer usage
• A strong environmental concern

The entire design language was made to follow the existing Evian principles of purity & natural spring water. The minimal form of the container was made so that it goes with the existing range of Evian bottles seamlessly.

Following materials were used due to diverse requirements -
1. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
2.PP (Polypropylene)
3. 316 Stainless steel
4. Aluminium sheet

Following software were used to made this -
1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Autodesk Fusion 360
3. Luxion Keyshot 7
4. Adobe Photoshop

The initial question given to us was What can Evian bring to its consumers of large format bottles? (i.e. 1.5L - 2L variants of evian prestige bottles). After a elaborate market research and consumer study, we came to a conclusion that 95% of these consumers purchase this format to be consumed at home. From this point on, I started thinking about solutions other than making bottles which would actually make it easy for people to consume water at home. Integrating the entire idea to make a dispenser with the existing delivery service called Evianchezvous, an end to end system was developed.

The idea is owned by Evian and they can make any further modifications before going to the prototyping stage.

The project appreciated at Evian headquarters by their executives in Paris 2017. It was termed as a new business model with can be taken up by evian in the future.

A system was developed around the product considering the environmental concern raised by Evian. All PET containers by Evian are recyclable but only 20% are actually recycled. This system helped Evian made sure that a 100% is recycled and thus leads to a perfect social image for Evian. It was surprising how an integrated system around a small product can create such a huge difference. I also got to understand what people in the industry want & expect from designers.

Kush Dave

Hi, i am a Product design graduate from MIT institute of Design Pune. I am from Gujarat, India.
I like creating unique experiences for people through product/packaging design. I am also interested in creating virtual experiences that can make a difference in reality. A new idea is like a 'story' and i love coming up with new stories and how to deliver them to a set target audience.

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