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Faupè by Dawid Cmok

Faupè by Dawid Cmok

Marianne Piano
November 23, 2015
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Our featured project today is a minimal design made for a fashion label named FAUPÈ. Our artist was commissioned to create a design represented by a deer head. Read on and enjoy!

FAUPÈ was established in 2015 by Vanessa Jashanica. Vanessa contacted me after going through all of my works. She wanted something unique, something that would represent her and her business fully. It was a nice and fruitful collaboration of two young people completely dedicated to their passions.

- Dawid Cmok



In popular culture deer symbolizes endurance, persistence, vitality and ability to focus on goals. FAUPE’s symbol consists of a visual representation of a deer head with antlers and the name of the company. Logo is simple, clean and geometric. Its symmetrical form represents balance. It has a bold and audacious feel that illustrates the keynote of the brand.

- Dawid Cmok



After receiving the design brief I did a quick sketch on a small piece of paper. The idea was so offhand and instinctive that the only thing that needed to be done afterwards was to turn it into vectors. I prepared two variants of the sign though. One is subtle and rounded while the other is more rough and geometric. Vanessa chose the latter one. All the preparations, the design and finishing touches have taken me around 2 days.

- Dawid Cmok



I’ve spent one month working on logotype variants, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, patterns and accessories. Using key words such as hunter, hunt, prey, I came up with the slogan "hunting season”. Finally I created a distinctive image of the brand basing on a functional and minimalist design that could easily be recognized and distinguished among other such brands in the world.

- Dawid Cmok




A lot of young people are afraid to do something new because they think they will fail. They are afraid to be criticized. Facing new challenges and the unknown can cause doubt and withdrawal. People prefer to forget about their dreams. Quite often they don’t even reach out for them. It’s not only about designing but also about life itself. You need to remember that every failure is success in progress. Failures shape us yet they don’t define us. They build our own personal experience. If you think about it taking risks is less terrifying than giving up on your dreams. Don’t let the fear paralyze you. Dare to fail! If you don’t ask questions, you are not going to find out what the answer is. I wish you all the best for all your endeavors. Have the courage to create not only your designs but also your life.

- Dawid Cmok



Dawid Cmok is a talented Graphic Designer and Illustrator who lives in the city of Zabrze, Poland. He earned his MFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He is known mainly for his visual identity projects. Dawid has been working at a creative agency in Katowice. He specializes in typography and logo design. His works have been published in many books and magazines dedicated to graphic designing. See more of his artworks in Behance.

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