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Fluctus Stool - with Nature Harmony

Fluctus Stool - with Nature Harmony

Bruna Serpi
October 8, 2019
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The Fluctus Stool was inspired by the shapes of nature.
As fluid forms and winding rivers flow through trees, they convey a lightness and calm to the observer.
There is nothing better than the feeeling that nature gives us, as such, owning the Fluctus Stool is meant to carry the very same sensation.

The Fluctus Cap is made by cutting an oak tree segment, that is then cut in its core, thus mimicking the river path. The empty core of the cap is then filled with dark-blue epoxy resin that simulates the course of the river.
The legs are made of brass, which are polished to a copper tone, that evokes natural elegance.
The Fluctus Stool is designed to be a tall stool or a medium height stool.

I was inspired by other designer´s projects about nature. Then, I came up with the idea of using wood and Epoxy resin, to create something related to nature. After some sketches, I used Solidworks to make the 3D drawings and make the renders in KeyShot. Then I used Photoshop and Illustrator programs to do the layout work.

I try to bring nature to my home, because it brings me serenity and stimuletes my creativity. And I want to bring this same sensation to the users of Fluctus Stool.
A Stool that connects a person with nature and gives a sense of harmony, that is Fluctus.

Bruna Serpi

I am an Industrial Designer. I strive to produce visually appealing, functional and ergonomic products.
Believing that criactivity, objectivity and teamwork are elements that, when combined, yield excellent results.

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