We eat every day. But how well do you where is the food come from? We as a consumer, seldom explore and consider the so-called “food” that we are eating. Generally, we don’t know where is it come from and the understanding of the truth of food still keeps on the surface. This project called “Foorigin”, is going to use a casual and indirect way to arouse people’s curiosity and to present the truth of food in order to enable people to understand acceptably and interestingly.

When it comes to the truth of food, media likes to highlight the bloody and disgusting scenes of slaughtering the animal in order to have a deterrent effect. However, it is hard for the audience to accept and the effectiveness is temporary.
Through the analysis, it drives me to use a surreal and unrealistic approach to arouse people’s attention by combining the hidden and rarely known ingredients into daily food.

For the whole project, Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are used to create the artwork.
By taking photos of the food, I try to use photoshop to modify the colour and sharpness before creating the poster.
While the infographic of the publication was drawn by illustrator, contents were done by InDesign.

Most of the people felt interesting and impressive as this is a new perspective of visualising the topic about food.
I realised that it is not easy to call for action as this project is more informative for the audience to understand the hidden facts of food instead of having some interactions for encouraging people to take action.

YK Lam

Hi all. I’m YK, a fresh graduate in Communication Design, based in Hong Kong, specializing in visual identity, prints and editorial design.