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Fragile Ventures x EINE

Fragile Ventures x EINE

Olga Angelaki
April 29, 2017
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Fragile Ventures is an independent company established to give artists a platform to develop their work into three-dimensional forms and communicate it to the world.

Fragile Ventures first show URBAN[E], featuring international renowned street artist Ben Eine, launched at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo. Presenting limited edition cubes that bring the artist's inimitable typographical style to life. Rendered in concrete, wood and metal; the cubes depict Eine’s letter ‘E’ in Shutter, Circus and Tenderloin fonts.

Uniqueness and luxury are the key words describing the Fragile Ventures brand. Starting by transforming the look of how the word 'Fragile' has been traditionally used so far, 'marking’ objects that need to be handled with care and rendered in gold was the solution.

URBAN[E] exhibition on the other hand, had to be treated differently, portraying the rebellious and urban character of Fragile Ventures' first artist collaboration, with international renowned street artist Ben Eine. Part of this process was to explore packaging solutions for those pieces of art, giving a more modern, typographic twist, relevant to the artist’s unique style.

When it comes to the exhibition space, minimalism was clearly the way to go, placing the cubes on bigger cubes/plinths with reflective surfaces, in order to give the audience the chance to explore the unique features of the handcrafted objets d'art from all sides and angles.

Initial drawings and logos exploration were sketched by hand, giving place to Adobe's Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign in order to bring all the elements to life. As for the packaging, packaging experts and bespoke box manufacturers had be consulted, in order to insure that the valuable content would be able to be shipped around the globe safely and at the same time offer a unique unwrapping experience when it reached its destination.

The global launch took place at Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo and was a rather successful event with lots of attendees and press coverage both in the UK and Japan. On the first night people were lucky enough to see the artist decorating the gallery walls live using his iconic typographic style.

The overall project was quite challenging as extra caution should be taken to ensure that the artist's style is not overpowered by the branding and the graphics.

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Olga Angelaki

I'm a London based designer working across different disciplines and mediums since 2007. Love chocolate and sunny days, art galleries and big challenges. Having an undeniable passion for printed matter, bold colors and lomography, I have been wandering around to draw inspiration from anything that will catch my eye.
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