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Mariana Ramírez
December 1, 2016
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Giocare is a child care center located in México. It is inside a University, the porpoise is to give the opportunity to single mothers to continue with her career while their children can stay at this facility. I wanted to re-design the idea of child care and give children the opportunity of learning new things by playing and having fun.

I based my concept on playing and having fun. Children learn through having fun, they like to play, to run, to touch and the most important, they like to get amazed. I wanted to create fun spaces where children can be happy at all times, I thought of every space where they will develop their activities, including the playground and the facade. I chose colors, forms, textures inside and outside the project, because I wanted children to live and experience the place, it is a place where they will be spending 5 to 6 hours a day, I did not want it to be boring.

First, I always like to draw, to came with many ideas and combine them. It is not until I get diagrams and first impressions of the project by hand, when I start doing a full analysis not only of the site but of the entire context, beginning from country to city.

Second, I make diagrams about my analysis using Autocad, Illustrator and Photoshop. When I have them. I start designing with detail the place, making the project in Autocad. I also make inside and outside the project diagrams about circulation, climate, materials, users and others with the same software.

Last, I model the place in 3dsmax and render it with Lumion 7, at the end I like to do my presentation boards in Illustrator and arrange some renders in photoshop.

I have had very positive feedback from people not only because the design but because I also integrated sustainable features for my project, as I said before I wanted to reach out more of this kind of projects so I give the children a little urban farm where they can learn more about sustainable projects which in these days it is not an option for a person to know and apply it. I also design a Library for stimulating the reading in early ages and also a cinema where they can start watching movies and learning words or developing their selves.

I think every architect should think outside the box and reach more of our projects, thinking in people and giving them more of our design, making their lives not only easier but happier and also think about our environment, because as I said sustainability is no longer an option.

Mariana Ramírez

24 year old Mexican architect graduated from universidad de las Americas Puebla. I have a special passion for architecture, I love the way you can experiment with design and bring to life things that were only in your mind. I am very enthusiast of learning and exploring new things, specially with design. I think architecture gives you the power of creating the unbelievable and change people lives.

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