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The Golden Tree - Almond Milk

The Golden Tree - Almond Milk

Jorge Popolizio
January 17, 2017
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To create a brand from scratch and the packaging for a new boutique product for an specific target: Vegan children. Almond milk is far more nutritious than regular milk. I therefore built a brand that’s story centres around an almond tree that never stops giving.

I created a story that supports the idea of an old giant almond tree that emerges from the deep ocean and the top reaches the skies. Based on that magic story I made three different patterns (ocean, skies and universe) that would be printed on the bottles.

Once the concept was ready I started with different sketches on paper, then I created the graphic elements for the patterns on Adobe Illustrator.
The bottles were photographed in the college studio and then the artwork was added with Adobe Photoshop.
The supporting elements for the website were created with the same patterns on Adobe Illustrator as well as the Colouring Book.

I enjoyed this brief from the beginning, the idea of creating a solid concept for an specific target and then translate those ideas to the actual product was really refreshing and it made me appreciate all the aspects behind the branding process.
Its probably one of my most appreciated projects online since I uploaded to Behance.

Jorge Popolizio

I'm Jorge, a graphic designer based in London, recently graduated from Shillington College.

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