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GUI Game Design

GUI Game Design

Milos Mladenovski
January 25, 2018
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Game Graphic User Interface that I've made in 2 days from scratch. (The game doesn't exists at all. But, this is just how I imagine it.) If you want to contribute I can provide the PSD file. By the way, all the imagination came from Mass Effect game, even though their game menu and gameplay is not that HUD, but this might be like an improved version of it.

I was seeking for a new job in some big and foreign companies and I've tried to apply to certain, but since those companies were game related and a high budget companies which is not easy to enter into their team, they asked for a piece of art similar to this, so I was like...let's make something special and unique!

I've used Photoshop only, I didn't had some concept to do this, it was all just how I imagine it...I was thinking of something and trying to blend everything into one piece..The blue color is my favorite, I like galaxies, universe, stars, planets...that's why I choose the blue one with that kind of a background

Well, most people got amazed from this work. I received lots of llamas on Deviantart for this piece of art. Many people favorited my project and became my watchers but still, I didn't received any critiques or something, if you find any mistake into this art It would be my pleasure to comment it so In the future I can try to avoid it.

Just follow your dreams and don't stop anything you do, that's the recipe to make it perfect!

Milos Mladenovski

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