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Daniela Spoto
February 1, 2019

I've drawn the Illustration "Home" some months ago for an open call.
Illustrators were asked to work about the idea of "Home", to draw a suitable illustration for a children's magazine and to write a sentence or a short text. I thought the subject was really interesting and I decided to work on it.

I've been living between Italy and Germany for 8 years now: my idea of "home" isn't related to places -I don't feel neither particularly Italian or German- but to people I like, I love, I enjoy spending my time with.
When I come up with an idea, I usually decided at the moment which style, material or palette would be suitable for the project.

I enjoy working both with traditional and digital media. For "Home" I've drawn a mixed media illustration in some steps:
1) I drew the illustration on paper with pencils and pens;
2) I coloured the sketch with watercolour and acrylic;
3) I coloured the watercolour/acrylic layer with pencils;
4) I drew some details with Photoshop and cleaned the background;
5) I wrote a short sentence with Photoshop.

I was really uncertain about this project, especially about the short sentence I wrote, but I'm glad to see that people like it.
I shared "Home" on Instagram and Behance and I got positive feedbacks (thank you guys!).
From this project I learned that I enjoy not only drawing but also writing short texts! I'd like to explore this aspect in the future.

Daniela Spoto

I'm Daniela Spoto, an Italian illustrator.
After taking my degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, I moved to Berlin where I worked and lived for six years.In this time I took part to several exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Spain, and collaborated with independent international publications.
In December 2016 I moved to Dusseldorf.

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