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Hoopiter Doughnuts

Hoopiter Doughnuts

November 9, 2017
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We developed an original discourse through the creation of representative illustrations of a universe that reflects Hoopiter’s brand offering; a bold and fun invitation to discover new flavors, shapes, colors and textures, turning clients into adventurers in a brand new planet.

The target audience was small kids and teenagers, so from the start we set out to find a name that could carry a concept with it. It's a simple wordplay mixing "hoop" (the shape of a doughnut) and "iter", which is very similar to "eater". That wordplay was the spark, but really the concept came from the fact that it sounded just like Jupiter, more so in Spanish. From there we knew that Hoopiter was a planet worth exploring, with all sort of characters and elements related to the making of a doughnut.

The use of a single color was decided almost from the start. The client wanted for its kiosks and packaging to have a very high impact with as low investment as possible. So having a single color would be a way to print/paint everything at a lower cost, but it had to be unique amongst the competition and we had to create the whole universe of shapes, characters and elements that would boost everything in the right direction.

First we approached a friend (an artist called Paulinono) and asked if she could create this universe we were dreaming of. She said yes, so we guided and reviewed her sketching and drawing process, until settling on the final ink drawing. Then we scanned it and divided its sections among our team to vectorize everything in Adobe Illustrator while adding details and textures, which then allowed us to easily take certain elements for specific solutions; the box used the whole artwork, while coffee cups and food wrapping paper only used the main characters.

We've had great feedback so far. But the best thing that came out of it was the opportunity to help in the development of their brand and products from the start. That really changed our perception and has encouraged us to really dig and get involved in as much as the client would allow us.

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