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IED - Branding Concept

IED - Branding Concept

Armando Rinaldi
November 8, 2016
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The study of the logo of the IED with the understanding to give the brand a strong and unique. Unify the various locations and create a unique design for all, an international design, without any confusingly.

The logo represents the strong point of the rebranding and gives birth to a new form which sees in it all the style of a brand that is the cornerstone of international design. Training, design, style and uniqueness, are all strong brand points.

In the spirit of design and modern art, the brand image is constituted of the main forms that make up the balance in objects and visuals that we see every day around us. The geometric shapes are adopted 4, including the square that goes to give life to the logo itself.

Inspiration came the strength and simplicity of geometric shapes. In fact they are present in almost all projects and form the basis in the implementation of all projects. Make the best logo and create a distinct image and strong.

Each branch has its strong point is the distinctive symbol.

The project started by the original brand study. It is in fact only a concept based on my idea.
The software used were Illustrator and Photoshop. I started from the paper and then bring everything to your computer.
The work lasted five months, required a lot of study time and planning to have a brand that respects all the characteristics that I imagined.

People are responding well to this project on Behance. I'm glad the little success we have and happy with the result achieved.
Since every project you always learn something new and ground floor we grow more and more. Face new roads, discover other horizons and enrich your portfolio of work that you loved and built day after day.

Armando Rinaldi

Armando Rinaldi is a Italian graphic & brand designer based in Benevento, have passionate about design, photography, branding, digital art, etc. Since 2014, he has been working to some various project branding, graphic design and UI/UX design. His projects main focus is to make and build brand logo, visual identities, print design, packaging design, overseas & local

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