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Inde 2017

Inde 2017

Eric Arrachart
April 16, 2018

portrait of indians and tibetans in august 2017
India is a dream for many photographers and for me a real fantasy. The indecent India of Varanassi, its light and also its poverty. It is a country very attractive and contrasted. An unforgettable human and visual experience

I followed my wife and son to meet their family (tibetan) in Manali. It was for me a dream to go to India and a great opportunity to make portraits.
My material: canon 5d and 50mm f1.8, fuji x100s and ricoh GR

I develop my files in lightroom and photoshop
I import my files into lightroom
I am not a professional retoucher. I work at the best of light and its direction to direct the gaze. I really like black and white
I really like the film and its grain and its modeling

The relationship of the Indians with the image is very different from our
It was very easy to photograph them and the opportunity to get in touch with them. I was pretty uncomfortable at first because I had the impression of stealing them. But they put me very quickly at ease. It is not important to them and they are happy to be photographed. I loved this people and I can not wait to return to India

Eric Arrachart

My name is Eric Arrachart. I have been a photographer for events since 2018. I explore other areas of photography : Portraits, reportage, street photography

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