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Instagram UI Concept by Bruno La Versa

Instagram UI Concept by Bruno La Versa

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June 29, 2015

This concept comes from the passion for the study of user interfaces for mobile applications. In this case I chose to work on the application Instagram, trying to bring improvements in terms of usability, and at the aesthetics of the whole interface. I gave a lot of importance to the images by eliminating unnecessary information and built a personal profile -more customizable in line with the target application. Also, in this concept I expected the elimination of the text "like" and "comments" replacing them simply with icons, implementation which was then actually made in the new application update.
-Bruno La Versa


The inspiration for this project comes from careful observation of all that the app that the market offers, so I can ride trends and offer a modern solution. I think that I can perfectly meet user needs by providing an interface that is functional but at the same time beautiful to navigate, I believe in good design and now has become an obsession.
-Bruno La Versa



The advice that I always give is to observe, observe a lot, because it’s from the knowledge that derived a well done job, the more you know and the more you are able to know how to design well. You have to look around and see what the market offers to try to improve and offer always something new.
-Bruno La Versa



Bruno La Versa is 24-year-old Italian graphic designer from Sicily based in Florence, Italy and loves minimalist design. See more of his work at Behance.

3 comments on “Instagram UI Concept by Bruno La Versa”

  1. I have always been for an sleek app design, especially with the user interface. This one looks pretty good!

  2. The user interfaces for the mobile applications is awesome. the new application update have make a different in the market.

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