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Demetrius Tanase
March 21, 2018
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A 100 meter superyacht concept designed with innovation in mind and the connection with the sea. The yacht has a unique design and layout made for a unique owner and 12 guests that can enjoy an entire deck designed only for entertainment purposes. From sunbath, swimming pool, party place, dining space, spa and gym, wellness area, games and casino room, even an amphitheater and everything you need to have the best time of your life on the water.
A unique feature that was included on this yacht is the water slides from the pool. We imagine that space allowed us to have such nice piece of entertainment on a yacht and we took advantage of that. You could use the water slides even when the yacht is moving so the fun will never end.
Besides that, the design incorporates also an amphitheater and a cinema for up to 45 persons that allows the guests to enjoy a play, a private concert or a movie in a very special interior.
Comfort, feelings, and entertainment has been the drivers for IntimiSEA project which is the most important for a Yacht. The guest have to feel comfortable, feel great and have the greatest time of their lives on board

As our mission is to innovate in shape and approach of everyday products by creating new ideas and visions of products, IntimiSea was designed in the same manner. We started from the use of the yacht and imagine that people want to have fun on it… a lot of fun. With an owner suite on the higher deck and an entire entertainment deck integrated into a unique organic shape that gives the style of InitmiSEA.
It was a challenge set to rethink the use of a superyacht and the way it is designed.

First I started with many hand drawings to find the shape, design the general arrangement and decide upon the space required for each feature and room. I decided where the owner suite should be and how to organize the entertainment deck . After I finished the sketching process i started to model the yacht in 3DS Max. The final step was to render the images in 3DS MAX with Vray and do some post production in Photoshop.
Being only a concept i did the modeling in 3DS MAX otherwise i would have used also Solidworks for the 3D model from witch i can develop the files required to built the product.

This project was my first Super yacht concept and i had a very good feedback from the market. The purpose of the project was to showcase the innovative approach and design capability of our design studio, Expleo Design. The design was very well received and helped us to start some good design collaborations.

Our team of artists takes every project with passion for designing beautiful things and to create unique experiences for each individual project
We designed our services for business and individuals that want thoughtful, high quality designs that want to stand out from the competition by unique and clever solutions.

Demetrius Tanase

As long as I can remember I loved to design products. As a yacht designer and product designer, I strive to deliver the best solution in terms of shape, function and material to the required needs of the project. We are creators of dreams.

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