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Invitation - Birthday boy

Invitation - Birthday boy

Isabel Alves
October 2, 2018
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The client wanted a banner for using as a invitation on-line for her kid's birthday. He is a 4 years old boy who loves green and dinosaurs! She made a sketch of what she wanted, so I made her idea and add more to it. PS: The vectors are not mine, they are from Freepik.

The mother wanted something with his birthday theme, which is dinosaurs. Since he is very young, I thought about working with lighter colours, like pastel, but still with the animals. Searching online, I found the perfect vectors to work with, made from Freepik which complemented my idea beautifully.

I use Illustrator, created a palette colourful but still lighter to bring more of a subtle on the invitation. Then I started looking for fonts, vectors and put all together. My inspiration was scandinavian decor for kids, when it's very magical but still calm and light.

Everyone was satisfied with the result. Usually I don't work with colours or drawings, but it was a good experience. The kid was also very happy to see what he likes on the invitation, I wanted to give him a experience like the dinosaurs was giving him a party.

Isabel Alves


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