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J'adore Paris!

J'adore Paris!

Ewa Brzozowska
January 25, 2017

"J'adore Paris!" is a surface pattern design collection dedicated especially to children textile. It has a french touch as a bit of elegance. Croissants, coffee, perfume and macarons smells like Paris, don't they? ? Collection contains patterns for girls and boys with different color palettes and details.

I love french bulldogs. I don't have any, but I always found them very cute. My intention, working on this pattern design collection, was selling it on sweatshirt fabric so I had a clear vision what it will be printed on and what I want to achieve.
I chose the children textile design as my specialization, I feel good in it and I just try every new idea (and I have a lot of them!). This theme has been in my head for a quite long time, so I decided to give it a try. Drawing a dog in my vector, flat style with just few colors and little shadows, was a bit tricky and challenging. But, to be honest, I nailed it ? And I'm happy with the final effect.

My design process almost always looks the same. I started from sketch on paper. It wasn't very detailed, just playing around with the dog motifs. Then I took a photo of it and sent it through Dropbox to my iPad. I drew main motifs in Skribl app with my Wacom Bamboo stylus. I love the non-regular shapes of digital handdrawn elements. With "Skribl" app you can zoom in really close to pay attention to every detail.
When I was happy with the effect, I sent a layered PDF vector file through Dropbox to my Macbook and edited it in Adobe Illustrator. This is the best part. Always, when I start sketching and digitalizing my ideas, I don't have an exact vision of final pattern. So I love this freestyle on the last stage.
I also used the "Pen and Ink" iPad app to draw some shadows (e.g. shadow in ears, some dots and fur, just symbolic). I exported the PNG file with transparency and sent it to my computer and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator to keep vector format of the designs.
I wanted to make this collection both for girls and for boys so I created girl and boy versions with different details and colors. My favourite color palettes almost always contain mint or turqouise color, so I just had to use it ?

First, I posted the sketch of one of the dogs on my Instagram account and it gained many likes. Then I uploaded "work in progress" photo with almost finished main girl pattern and my followers were just WOWed about it ? They asked if it would be available in any fabric store and liked it as crazy. The final projects got the same positive opinion.
I'm always little stressed about opinion of others because I'm quite fresh in this industry. But I like to present not only the final design, but also some "work in progress" steps. I think people like to see the progress, not only the final effect.

Ewa Brzozowska

I'm a Surface Pattern Designer specialized in the Pattern Design for children. As a mother of 2-years-old son I have the head and the house full of design ideas ?
I live in Radom, Poland with my husband, son and crazy little dog. I'm also a blogger -

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