La Sculpture by Alexander Shadrin

The “La Sculpture” project was mainly conceived for commercial purposes. Our artist wanted to have a newly sculpted look for this project. Read on and see how he achieved the look that he wanted in this amazing art set.

The “La Sculpture” footage was shot at a ceramics plant in Jelgava (Latvia), where we were given a very warm welcome and support. The plant administration provided our team with a shooting area and clay for our model.

– Alexander Shadrin



During the photographic survey, I used artificial light only. To be honest, the main scope of work fell on my assistants’ shoulders (Alice and Lidia), who had to clay our model’s entire body and keep it wet as I wanted to achieve the effect of a newly created sculpture.

– Alexander Shadrin



I want to thank my brave model Ludmilla, who agreed to take part in such a bold experiment. Despite a warm summer day, our model was shivering with cold because of the cold clay spread all over her body, including face and hair.

– Alexander Shadrin



You can find it hard to believe, but the survey process took two hours, both browsing and selection took about one hour, and I spent about two days on retouching the pictures. A great result for such a sophisticated project! I admit borrowing the idea from a TV reality show, but I had a different vision of the concept and its final result.

– Alexander Shadrin



Alexander Shadrin, a print & graphic designer. He obtained the education on the Environment Design program, which in practice lead to my specialization of Polygraphy Designer. In the time period from 2008 till 2009, while mastering his photographer’s skills, he worked as a print designer in the Latvian magazine dedicated to professional cosmetic. At the moment, besides the photographer’s work, He occupy a permanent position of Graphic Designer in the major company manufacturing and selling cosmetics and perfume in the Baltic states. At the same time, he take photos for the Latvian men’s magazine.

See more of his artworks on Behance and website.