Lee Samantha by Chong Ching

Lee Samantha is a famous local food artist whom I admire ever since I know about her existence. Do check out her Instagram profile if you haven’t already!

– Chong Ching


The idea of giving a fresh look on her current website comes from my personal opinion that she deserves a digital space to showcase her amazing portfolio. I seize this opportunity to come out with a concept site together with a new logo which reflects her identity. I started to visualise how to tell her story in visual format and it took me around three weeks to complete, from research to ideation, then wireframes till the layout of the design which was done entirely using Adobe Photoshop.

– Chong Ching





About Chong Ching

Chong Ching is currently working in a digital agency based in Malaysia as a Multimedia Designer. His core strength is to create simplicity and minimalist website that consists of content, value and purposes. He admires the local influential people, hence, that gives him the passion to want to produce a website that gives a meaning to these well deserving idols. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.