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Legend Fun

Legend Fun

Tai Yun Shih
September 23, 2017
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This project was executed for a store specializing in selling board games located in the Shilin District of Taipei. The conceptual theme of a "table" was used as the guiding principle in the overall store design.
The store logo was composed of the letters of the store name "Legend Fun", morphing them into the four corners of a table. The business promotional flyers could be folded along dotted lines to create small paper tables and this 3D concept was brought into the interior space of the shop as well, influencing the design of the front counter, door sign, menu and and even the paper bathroom sign.

In Taiwan, board games are called "table games", and they're played on tables. So I used the concept of a table to develop the entire brand.

Because the three men that run the business are young energetic engineers that love to play board games as well as develop their own, I used a deeply saturated shade of blue to express their warm and cheerful personalities.

At the beginning I sketched a logo on a sheet of paper. Once a form emerged, I then brought that into Adobe Illustrator to draw the lines which formed a rather special leaflet that could be folded into a small table. I tried all sorts of folding methods and ways of cutting until finally the completed structure smoothly came about.

The response wasn't bad! I learned how to communicate with people and how to use cutting sheet. I did all the lines in the interior space. Although it took a while to put them all up, it was totally worth it.

Please come and play~

Tai Yun Shih

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Room temperature is commonly defined at 25 degrees Celsius. The name of the studio was created when we were 25 years old. Temperature is the degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object, and "room temperature" marks the place of intersection between hot and cold. The concept "room temperature" seeks to express is that of people and design: just like the activity between freezing and boiling points, through collision and integration, a comfortable room temperature is found. With each discussion and collision we attempt to reach the most suitable and satisfactory end production. The content of our work includes brand design, visual communication, and space planning.

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