Lonely House 3d Viz

LONELY HOUSE- old, dilapidated house somewhere on the edge of the forest. The task was to capture the atmosphere and mood. Just reflect the wild lonely places. A place where people are rare. Looking after the house sometimes, coming to rest on nature. Dear readers, I hope you like it, enjoy!

On the Internet images was found (reference) interesting architecture. It was a ramshackle house. I liked him. Then I began to think about the environment for the project. As a result, I have decided that there will be a remote natural area. Dry grass, rocks, and other wild plants. The house also had to meet the environment, so I had a little old. Lighting. An important stage in the work. Lighting would like to convey the mood. Morning fog, evening. Thus was born the work lonely house.

I used to work: 3dmax – modeling house and rocks. Corona render – visualization. Photoshop – postprocessing.
For the scattering of grass and other plants I used corona scatter. For lighting used HDRI maps. In this work, there are two, morning and evening.

I hope people will appreciate my project. Each new work-experience, which I will use in the future. All the while trying to raise their level of visualization. I hope I succeed to implement something similar in real life. Thank you, good luck guys!

Nikolay Shevchenko

Specializes in creating powerful marketing CGI solutions for architecture and product design.