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Maiden Home Swatch Kit

Maiden Home Swatch Kit

Communal Creative
August 18, 2016
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Maiden Home is a new take on modern furniture, focusing on fewer, better options that are customizable to fit the consumer’s ever-changing needs. We were approached by the founder of Maiden Home to help ideate the brand’s in-person experiences, most notably the swatch kit that gets sent to consumers to help them decide on fabric and wood finish before purchasing. We concepted, designed, and oversaw production for the swatch kit, focusing on quality and a cohesive look and feel for the brand.

We had two goals for the packaging—first and foremost, we wanted the kit to be a useful collection of items, allowing for a seamless customer experience. The details were important—as an example, the exterior package was designed to be a folder that houses all the Maiden Home assets, doubling as a tip card and providing a reusable vessel to keep all the items. Another example comes in the wood finish card—the card itself is perforated, allowing the customer to tear off their favorite selection and envision their furniture in their home more easily.

The second goal of the packaging was to be a brand moment. We utilized uncoated stock in varying weights to help distinguish the pieces while feeling like a cohesive system, and built out an iconography set to help communicate brand messaging. We implemented the brand’s streamlined and elegant color palette via color blocks, creating a saturated interior to contrast against the fabric swatches. As a final surprise and delight moment, we added in mini branded stickers to reinforce the branding and color palette—and because who doesn’t love stickers!

We knew that we wanted to have a more unique spin on a folder, allowing all the assets to be housed together; we sketched out a few forms and shared them with one of our print partners to work through early prototypes to get the closure and size right. After we got the structure down, we moved into paper choices, looking at both quality and cost. We worked closely with the brand’s founder to perfect the opening experience and design, creating unique moments that are revealed specifically throughout the opening journey.

The ability to test materials, select finishes, and customize dimensions is a luxury in the direct-to-consumer furniture industry. Maiden Home has created an approachable, memorable swatch kit that serves both as a tool to purchase and a stylized brand moment. Between personal outreach and social sharing, we’ve seen so much excitement from consumers that are connecting with and enjoying the Maiden Home swatch kit experience.

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