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Metta by Maria Grønlund

Metta by Maria Grønlund

Jon Paylaga
June 6, 2015

Curves, colors and creativity! Let's hear it from someone who goes out of the usual, plunges into the unknown and see what it has done for her. You'll get what I mean after reading the entire thing.

Have fun and be inspired!

The Metta case is a logo and visual identity for a company developing mindful smart-ware.
One of the really likable aspects of Metta’s approach is that they’re not just developing trackers that tell you that you haven’t slept enough, you haven’t exercised enough, yet another reminder that you’re not perfect. But a smart-ware that aligns you with your aspirations, interests, and values and helps you make the best of what you have.

The mark for Metta is both an initial mark and an abstract mark. The initial M is seen in the colorful sinus curves as well as more symbolic representations. When I got the idea I had a vision of the mark in my head, pulsing with this beautiful light sinus tone resembling the sound of a singing bowl.

When I get ideas this way I know it’s right. Then the designing process is oddly reversed. I have the finished idea and then the job is to calculate backwards to find out why idea is good. It was very satisfying to discover how well the mark works on many levels and how meaningful the representation is for the company.


When the company values and the symbolism of the logo are aligned and harmonized the word and term identity, visual identity makes sense in a way I find really beautiful.

I always use Illustrator to draw logos.



colors symbolism logo_proportions emboss businesscard graphs2



Maria Grønlund is a Danish based graphic designer and digital artist. What’s a little bit unusual about her career is that she started to study graphic design in a mature age in her mid-thirties. She was a former classical musician and it was not only a drastic shift for her, but also quite unusual in the eyes of the people she started to work with at commercial agencies. They found it very strange that she was a former opera singer, but acknowledged she had a talent for design.

Starting to work as a graphic designer was refreshing for her. She can highly recommend to explore new sites of your personality. For her, it feels rejuvenating to find out that you are more than what your self-image told you yesterday and can be quite an eye opener.

She now works as an independent graphic designer with clients from all over the world. Graphic design, branding and digital art are the main areas she works with. And colors have become an essential part of her brand as a designer during the last couple of years. This year requests like webinars, seminars, interviews and blog posts are new things she's been asked about. The learning curve has been quite extreme for her.

She pays special attention to when opportunities represent themselves in that special way. A bit like the Metta logo. Then she knows it’s right and it’s going to be good. Then it’s her job to show up, do the work to make it happen. Both on a personal and professional level. To exceed her fears and allow herself to become more than she thought was possible. With loving and kind help from her surroundings.

She is indeed an artist whose passion shines from within, as she ends the interview with this piece of advice:

If you haven’t discovered it yet, I can tell you that all the fun and exciting stuff happens out there way out of your comfort zone!

You can find more of her work on her Behance profile.

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