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Modern Minimalist Bathroom by Spiegelshop24

Modern Minimalist Bathroom by Spiegelshop24

Jasmin Tekin
September 20, 2017
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A modern minimalist bathroom
Location: Dortmund, DE

A wide shower, placed at the end of the room, completes the bathroom. It offers a lounge area, which is connected by a double landscape Mirror, on the one hand the immediate view of the pinewood, on the other the vineyard. The house is modulated by wooden boards of 20 cm. that built the wooden boxes and also the wooden formwork for pouring concrete. Also, the pinewood furniture and carpentry for this retreat were specially designed according to the same modulation. Both materials, white concrete, and wood are coherent with the nature of the structure.

The idea was to make a minimalist modern bathroom for our Website.
We sell high quality LED Bad Mirrors "made in Germany", exclusively for custom made according to High standards. Our service is our top priority and this is our basic principle. We are only satisfied if the customer is satisfied. Also, the quality of the workmanship should not be neglected, so it is often worth a few more euros to spend and to have a high-quality designer mirror. In addition, one should consider whether the lighting of the mirror should be triggered by means of a motion sensor or manually by means of a switch.

I have used the tools 3ds max, Vray and Photoshop. I Drink black tea not coffee. I drink both, sometimes after 5 cups you just cannot drink any more tea during an all-nighter! But it was an amazing feeling after the Concept is finished!

“Environmentally, the bathroom follows the guidelines for a passive house. Appropriate means are available to take advantage of renewable energy through the use of panels of solar energy, energy supply from biomass or collecting and storing drinkable rainwater.” Also, the installation of lighting is energy-efficient due to a control system that optimizes the use of natural lights.


Jasmin Tekin

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