Music App UI Design by Naresh Karoo

Naresh Karoo’s Music App UI Design was not for any of his client, he made this as a personal project and something to build up his portfolio. Naresh’s Music App is composed of dark theme that gives an eddy and modern look.

I love listening to music. Every time I go somewhere, I need my HEADPHONES with me or I would die without them. So, I have been seeing types of the music app for so long and just wanted to design the user interface as per my preferences keeping in mind UX as well. There are a lot of designers who I follow. I think every designer on this planet inspires me somewhere. One of them I desperately follow is Andrew Jones who is basically a U.S. based visual artist. If I have to describe his type of art he does, I would say an Electro-Trance art.
-Naresh Karoo

Naresh Karoo

I haven’t figured out my style of designing yet. I’m just 21 right now. I’m still experimenting with as many styles as I can. By experimenting different things in designing, I think my skills are getting improved day by day. But if I have to choose one style I want to get into, I would prefer an abstract art. I don’t think I’m capable enough to give an advice to the artists. But I just want to say something to young designers. Find what you’re worth. Put yourself out there. No rules and regulations in this whole world of designing. Design whatever you want and however you want. Be an inspiration to someone. and SWEAT.
-Naresh Karoo

About Naresh Karoo

Naresh Karoo is a Graphic Designer with 6+ years of experience and likes abstract art. He is basically a self-taught Graphic Designer and never took any classes or something for the same. He learned almost everything from YouTube. He graduated with a degree in Business Management specializing in Marketing. Graphic Design has been his passion since forever and doesn’t know when this passion turned into a profession. See more of his works on Behance.