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My Budapest

My Budapest

December 18, 2020

A set of personal postcards showing the lovable moments of my city from the times before the (second) Covid lockdown. Enjoying a sunny day at Margaret Island, buying a dubious streetfood late at night or participating in the public event at Liberty Bridge.

I had the honor to teach illustration for a month at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in their new open course called MOME Image Pro. On the last week I asked the students to draw a subjective postcard and I decided to join in.

I work digitally and I prefer pixel based softwares (PS or Procreate) and this was no exception. I used Photoshop for this project from start to finish.
We planned to print the postcards with Risographs so the illustrations had to be drawn with color separation in mind.

I rarely make such dense and crowded illustrations and it was definitely a challenge to come up with three distinct scenes that are equally interesting. In addition the other big task was to keep the "busyness" of the layouts while making the final versions.

Take care and enjoy the Holidays!

Levente Szabo

A Budapest based freelancer graphic designer who mostly works as an illustrator.

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