myOndo is a location-based smart air conditioner controller that adjusts the temperature to the user. The design is not only make installation much easier but it also complements any interior design. The client want to work from design to product realization process. So We worked closely with client,developers,mold technicians to finish the job. Finally achieved the best outcome.

Blackhole is infinite mass, making it impossible for even light to escape. Also myOndo’s important technology is big data mining engine and algorithm for machine learning of user patterns. So the circular design represents infinite data mining engine that gather all the data we want. Its modern lines and carefully selected colors and coating material blend seamlessly with any location such as private homes, offices, hotel, cafes and restaurants.

Rhino3D, Solidworks, Photoshop, illustrator, keyshot.
Design research: emerging consumer classification, consumer profiling.
UX research : contextual research, user journey map , find pain point.
Idea sketch : rough sketch work, detailed sketch work.
3D rendering : rhino modeling, keyshot rendering
Prototype, CMF strategy, production follow-up.

The client, people who seen my work, they really likes the style, color and presentation. In these days lots of new technologies appears in globally. Designer must understand and study about it. The key skill is new technology implementation & transferring into real product.

Edgar Yeo

Edgar(seungyun) Yeo
Founder & Creative Director

The founder, is the creative director of DeGRee and has about 10 years experiences prior to opening DeGRee. He has the former director of designMU and consulted to a range of leading multinational companies including SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, POSCO, SKBroadband, GS cons, Coway, WINIA.