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Alix Brassart
February 10, 2017
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Nenou is a floating waterproof speacker, which brings children into small marine adventures.
It has two speakers: one on the emerged face and the other one on the submerged face.
A voice from the surface speaker, tell them stories. To fully follow the story, sometimes children are encouraged to put the ears under water in order to discover the sounds of marine animals.
Dolphins, whales, sea lions, penguins ... Animals lead and enhance their awakening.
Their desire to discover and their curiosity encourage them to put their heads under water, they overcome their water apprehension and discover this interesting element.

Water is part of my life, I grew up in tahiti, where I learned to swim to my little brother at the age of 2 years. Over there, children live in water!
By looking at children at the beach in France, I felt their fear and apprehension and I told myself "how to divert this fear? How to make them want to put their head under water?" There you go! Nenou has arrived !
Regarding colors and the shape, I wanted to make a product "reassuring and soft". I was inspired by the lines of a water lily and I applied soft colors.
The rubber ring which surrounds the speaker is flexible and fits the waves, the product is mainly composed of rubber.

First, I thought about a scenario with children in a pool and this product floating in the water with them. Unlike other projects, I did not draw much to find the shape, the idea of the water lily came quickly. Then, I found the real proportions of a small speaker to have a concrete package and I worked the scenario of reloading, setting up, in order to have the details of the product (ergonomy, button, rails, usb ...) Once I had all the elements, I worked the technical plans on Illustrator, 3D on Solidworks, rendering on Keyshot and the presentation on Photoshop.

I suggested this product to several young mothers, they looked interested and they would like to try it! They think that it would facilitate the learning of the swimming. It is a funny method that they use all "Divert attention" from their children.

Most of my projects are born by the interaction between people and their environments. For me it is important to design useful and sensitive products offering a new experience.

Alix Brassart

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